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Aero:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFCU68Gim3o&feature=plcp</a>
It has only been a few hours since you met up with Mother Vanguard and already you've arrived at Io. Preparations for atmospheric entry are already being made. What's everyone else doing in this brief calm before the storm?
ericoverbringer:    Not much. This is one fight that Kincaid doesn't feel any hesitation about
hyprknux1:    Roux's trying to get herself resituated the best she can - what mess did she get into before arriving?
tengusaur:    Tobia is making sure the Pez Batara is 100% ready for combat. But he did that already, so he has time to think.
Camiu:    Kamille is in the Super Gundam, not wanting to use the Zeta until the raid for the GN Drive..
Lake of Archers:    Zabine is in X2, making preparations, and comtemplating...
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai is sitting ready in Blue Frame, wondering just what Jupiter will throw at them.
VJockey:    Patrick is looking pretty eager to kick ass and take names, the Enact has been modified for space combat so no problems here.
Aero:    Berah: "Everyone we're going to begin our descent now."
VJockey:    "These Jupiter guys don't stand a chance! Between me and all the Gundams we have there's no way we'll lose!"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "...Roger that, captain. Let's do this."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Don't get cocky...!"
Aero:    Berah: "Brace yourselves..."
tengusaur:    He climbs into his Mobile Suit quickly! Tobia grips the controls with determination.
Aero:    As soon as she says that the ship goes into a nosedive, heading straight to the surface of Io.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Everyone...thanks for helping with this. I know it's kind of out of the way"
X1 powers up. The computer reports all systems running at optimal power
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: I am prepared...!
hyprknux1:    The Full Armor Mk-III comes to life once more.
Roux: "It's funny to be back with you guys again. Never expected anything like that..."
Aero:    Surprisingly the entry goes well, and you're all greeted by the sight of Io's surface.
Camiu:    Kamille: I'm not exactly complaining.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Okay. Time to topple a regime."
Aero:    Mother Vanguard unfortunately is also greeted by hundreds of missiles firing at it. The ship was rocking...a lot.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Ungh...! Why aren't we deploying yet?"
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: Just sit tight Tobia...
VJockey:    Patrick: [Getting bounced around his cockpit like no-one's business.] "Gaaah! What the heck's going on?!... gah I think I'm gonna be seasick!"
ericoverbringer:    "Not the right time yet."
Camiu:    Kamille: This is a spaceship, you dolt.
Aero:    Berah: "Enemy Base confirmed!"
VJockey:    Patrick: "Its a sea of stars damnit!"
Lake of Archers:    Zabine is holding the controls tight, gritting his teeth.
Aero:    The leader of the Crossbone Vanguard sends you all an image of the base. It's surrounded by 8 warships. The Jupiter Empire seems to have expected this.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Stars don't rock boats!"
Aero:    Berah: "This is as close as we can go right now...everyone you can launch now."
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Roger. See you when it's over."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "That's a lot of them... We can sneak past, right?"
ericoverbringer:    X1 tumbles out the side off the ship with no ceremony whatsoever.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: A bit late for that.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Well crap. Here goes!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "All part of the plan."
Aero:    Berah: "Be careful S-...Kincaid."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Well... here goes nothing...!"
Camiu:    Kamille: Zeta 1 is launching. *Out he goes*
tengusaur:    Pez Batara launches off the hangar, following the Gundams.
ericoverbringer:    "They'll be focusing on the Mother Vanguard so much, they may not notice us at all until it's too late."
hyprknux1:    The FA MK-III is off and roaring, following the others
Aero:    As soon as you all launch, the enemy warships do the same and their own mobile suits deploy
VJockey:    Patrick: "Patrick Colasour, Enact! Launching!" [Lets out a whoop as he tears out of the Hangar.] "Damn I always wanted to say that!"
Lake of Archers:    "Zabine Charuex, moving out." The black X2 launches out, equipped with its Shot lancer.
Aero:    (Enemy Count: 24x Erebado, 5x Gangrijo, 10x Thostede.)
<a href="http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMS-07_Erebado">http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMS-07_Erebado</a>
Camiu:    Kamille: AEUG didn't want this guy either, it appears. [/deadpan]
Aero:    <a href="http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMA-03_Gangrijo">http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMA-03_Gangrijo</a>
<a href="http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMA-02_Thostede">http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/EMA-02_Thostede</a>
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Looks like they rolled out the welcome mat...."
ericoverbringer:    X-1's verniers roar to full power to close the distance, "These are just small fry!"
Aero:    (Lineup: Kincaid, Zabine, Patrick, Tobia, Gai, Kamille, Roux.)
Camiu:    Kamille: It'd be rude of us to not say hi, wouldn't it?
tengusaur:    Tobia: "They mass-produced the crab thing!"
Aero:    (Kincaid, Zabine, Patrick go)
ericoverbringer:    *As X1 charges, it pulls the beam zanber and hurls it into the face of one of the Erebados.&
VJockey:    Patrick: "Heh heh... We'll punch through these guys in ten seconds flat!!" *Chaaarge goes the Enact! Firing its Linear Gun at a group of Erebados!+
Camiu:    Kamille: Starting to miss the old Flying Armor now. [Ah, surfing in a mobile suit. Awesome stuff.]
Aero:    [Kincaid] Your beam zanber goes right through the face Erebados but that only damages it's camera. It along with 2 others aim at you and begin to fire their beam machineguns. (React and Continue)
Camiu:    #Kincaid
ericoverbringer:    (supporting fire is good)
*X1 fires a grappling hook at the handle of it's wayward beam zanber, pulling it back. But instead of just holding it, Kincaid starts swinging the beam zanber on a chain around like a flail, striking at all the enemies within a surprisingly large radius.+
Aero:    [Patrick] Success, the rounds pierce through the one of the Erebado's reactor and takes out 4 of them at once. Blind luck just helps sometimes.
VJockey:    Patrick: "HECK YES! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?!"
Camiu:    *Kamille's firing the Long Beam Rifle at one of the Erebados' targetting Kincaid, while unleashing afew missiles at the other.+
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Fight now, pat yourself later!"
Lake of Archers:    X2 soars towards an Erebado as well; he closes in and thrusts out the Shot lancer+
Aero:    [Kincaid] With Kamille taking their attention off you for a second the improvised beam flail cuts through all the enemies around you. The initial 3 being destroyed instantly.
(Tobia, Gai go)
[Zabine] Said Erebado extends it's hand outward letting the shot lancer go through it's arm. That said the claw arm was still fine and it lashes it at you. (React)
Lake of Archers:    "Since this is the finale, no need to show mercy." With its open arm, X2 engages the brand marker, forming a beam shield against the claw arm+
tengusaur:    * "Go, go!" Tobia charges towards a Gangrijo, firing beam rifle shots at its claw to keep it away while he closes in. He aims to cleave right through it with Pez Batara's axe-head! But he aims away from the cockpit or the reactor, to avoid an explosion like before. +
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *Gatling gun in hand, Blue Frame opens fire on an Erebado+
Aero:    [Zabine] Your beam shield holds and the claw of the machine itself seems damaged from hitting it. However the pilot doesn't seem to want to give up. "FOR THE JUPITER EMPIRE." And he tries to headbutt you. (React again)
[Tobia] The axe head tears right through the Gangrijo, for a giant enemy crab it doesn't seem to deal well with you. In fact it didn't even seem to even try to fight back against you.
(Kamille, Roux go)
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Alright! Push forward!"
Lake of Archers:    Zabine's face contorts; he pulls away and squeezes the gun trigger. X2 may struggle to move back, but not without firing its head vulcan+
Aero:    [Gai] The Erebado you're firing at seems to have a good pilot in it as it weaves through your shots. Drawing a beam saber as it closes the distance between you two and slashing at you. (React)
Camiu:    *Kamille is firing missiles to trail behind a Thostede, and try and lead it into the Long Beam Rifle's shots!+
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Alright, time to show them what the Full Armor can do!" *With that, Roux brings out and raises one of its new toys, the Hyper Beam Cannon, and takes aim at the Thostedes, aiming to take out a bunch with a powerful burst of beam!+
Aero:    [Zabine] That does the job, the good old reliable vulcan fire tears into the cockpit of the machine. It just falls to the ground after that.
VJockey:    Patrick: "Damn! This is way too easy, guess we didn't need to send so many guys here!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "There's still their capital ships to deal with!"
Camiu:    Kamille: *Is now automatically assuming this mission will go south*
VJockey:    Patrick: "Eh, those'll sink easy!"
Aero:    [Kamille and Roux] The Thostedes fall for the trap. With Kamille leading them all to one area with the missile fire the combination of the Long Beam Rifle and the Hyper Beam Cannon take out 8 of them at once. Good job you two.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...wow, didn't expect that to work that well... now, I'm worried that it IS too easy!"
Aero:    You notice a large heat signature.
If fact...
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Keep pushing!"
Aero:    It's coming from right below you
In fact*
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *With the Erebado charging in, Blue Frame’s gatling gun suddenly shifted into it’s sword form and swung at the mobile suit in an attempt to just overpower and slice it in half.+
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Wait what's th-"
Camiu:    Kamille: Roux, you've been away for too long, you've forgotten-!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Uh... spoke too soon...!"
VJockey:    Patrick: "Wait..what the-"
Aero:    A large...tentacle? Suddenly grabs onto the leg of the Enact wrapping around it. The Enact is then promply slammed into the ground. Then it's slammed again...and again...and again...and again. Reducing the machine to a crumpled ball which is tossed away.
You all get a better look at the machine now.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Ahh! It's huge! And it killed him!"
Aero:    Kamille, Roux, Kincaid, Tobia you'll be feeling some heavy pressure right now.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "What, what is this..."
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid winces in his cockpit, "Crap."
Camiu:    Kamille: Gck! This feeling-!
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Ghh...!" Oh, there were times she wish she didn't have Newtype-y powers. "What the...?"
VJockey:    Patrick: [If asked, no he did not scream like a little girl the whole time. Those who were there would say otherwise though. IN ANY CASE. He's alive and well. DAMN the Enact has good safety features!]
Aero:    [Gai] It made a big mistake trying to beat you in melee. The Erebado is simply cleaved in two. The two halves exploding behind you. [DYNAMIC KILL]
Taking advantage of that brief moment of surprise it's bits are all launched and a barrage of beams come towards all of you
(Everyone react except for Patrick, he's dead)
VJockey:    (Downed)
Aero:    (Dead)
VJockey:    (whatever)
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...everyone, heads up!" *And now she's thanking herself for having Newtype-y powers, using them to keep one step ahead of the beam weaponry.+
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ericoverbringer:    X1 rolled out of the way, grabbing a beam rifle from a downed Erebado to give some return fire.+
tengusaur:    * "Uwah~!" Tobia tries to dodge the incoming fire to the best of his ability, which isn't much when you have a sluggish fish for a Mobile Suit! He covers himself with its beam shield for some extra protection. +
Camiu:    Kamille: COLASEUR YOU MORON, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO JINX IT! *And now we play the keep-away game, ducking behind cover and trying to snipe the bits as they move into position to shoot. Being a Newtype helps at times!+
Lake of Archers:    X2 moves quickly; Zabine is surprised, but won't give up, "It's giant!"
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *Gai sadly does not have the luxury of newtype reflexes but he's got coordinator reflexes so it sorta breaks even as he tries not to get shredded by the bits, casually firing vulcans at them when gets a chance+
Lake of Archers:    +
Aero:    [Roux, Zabine] Thanks to focusing on evading you get away with only a few singes on your machines. Zabine your ABC takes a few of the shots but it doesn't look like it'll last for that much longer.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...that was close..."
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: Tch..
Aero:    [Kamille] Bad idea, these bits seem to be moving too fast even for you to keep up with. They simply get out of the way and get behind your cover. The shots fired from them severly damaging the Super Parts of the Super Gundam. You might want to get rid of those parts soon before they blow up!
Camiu:    Kamille: Son of a-! *blind-Fires his entire missile payload into the bit swarm as he purges the G-Defensor equipment.+
Aero:    [Kincaid] Your roll with the ABC still on does the job, but the shots from the rifle do no damage. You can tell that it has an I-Field.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "It's got an I-Field! Beam weapons are no good!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Kamille!" That came out less worried and more 'you dummy!'
Roux: "...and we're all packing beam weaponry, aren't we?"
Aero:    [Gai] Thankfully you get away with only damage on your tactical arms. The vulcan fire seems to do much better, the moment that the bullets damage the MA though one of it's bits fires directly at the reactor of one of the Erebado's near you. Seems like this guy does not care about friendly fire. Getting out of there might be a good idea. [React Gai]
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Just about."
Aero:    (Kincaid, Zabine, Tobia go)
ericoverbringer:    He sounds more just exhausted than anything
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Those bits, they're moving so fast...!"
Tobia: "But..."
ericoverbringer:    *X1 boost up above the Elefante to give it a big, high power downwards strike with daggers in both hands as he attempts to get at the mobile armor's trunk+
tengusaur:    Tobia: "I think... No, I'm certain!"
ericoverbringer:    The daggers are made of metal, not laser
tengusaur:    *Tobia: "I can see it! I can see their movements!" He aims with the beam rifle and, using a power he wasn't aware he even had, waits for the opportune moment and then fires a blast at each of the bits! &
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: Damn! *Gai knows when to get out of there as he's pulling away from that Erebado as fast as possible+
Camiu:    Kamille: What? ['The kid is...?']
Aero:    [Tobia] And somehow you are able to out Newtype Kamille here. Half of the bits simply fly into the shots however it seems to be angry at you. It fires it's beam cannon aimed solely for you. (React then continue)
Lake of Archers:    "So, it has a barrier. Let's find it's weak point. Or rather..." X2 picks up its buster gun and fires at a couple of the bits+
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Tobia's a..."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...no way..."
Aero:    [Zabine] No luck, being an Oldtype doesn't seem to be cutting it here. Your shots whiff entirely and they return fire at you. (React)
tengusaur:    * "Now!" Tobia jumps away to dodge the beam fire... towards one of the still-operational bits! He uses it at a stepping stone to launch himself further, straight into the Elefante, and smashes the beam axe-head into its side with full force! +
Tobia: "Oryaaa~!"
Aero:    [Gai] Your quick reaction gets you far enough away from the explosion however the machine is still impaled by several pieces of shrapnel.
Lake of Archers:    "Too quick...!" X2 resumes moving, in attempt to get out of the way. Zabine also notices Tobia's action, "Be careful!"
Aero:    (Gai, Kamille, Roux go)
hyprknux1:    ((Enemy count?))
Aero:    [Tobia] Your completely suicidal actions there somehow pay off, the Pez Batara easily gets through the I-Field with it's momentum and your axe head drives deeply into the Elefante. However! it's trunk is still around and it's going for you right now. (React)
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Ahh!"
Camiu:    #Tobia!
Aero:    [Kincaid] With that opening made and the trunk moving out of the way to attack Tobia the daggers simply stab into the armor of the machine.
Lake of Archers:    *+
Aero:    [Enemy Count 14x Erebado 4x Gangrijo 2x Thostede 1x Elefante]
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Tch...!" *The FA MK-III might not have a lot of non-beam weaponry, but it does have something - firing a few grenades from its grenade launchers at the Elefante+
Camiu:    *Kamille curses as he tries to move in to get closer to Tobia&
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *Reeling a bit from the explosion, Gai opts to charge in from below and thrust the Tactical Arms at the Elefante’s hopefully weak underside+
Aero:    [Roux] This pilot is some guy, even while being attacked by Tobia and Kincaid the bits are still going to at your grenades. Exploding them far away from itself. You should also remember those giant enemy crabs, 2 of which are now firing their very very big mega particle cannons at you. (React)
hyprknux1:    *It's only thanks to that wonderful Newtype Flash that Roux remembers those things, leading her to fire the thrusters on the FA Mk-III, hoping its increased speed's enough to evade them+
Aero:    [Gai] Before you can reach the Elefante you are also intercepted by a Gangrijo. A large claw coming down at you. (React)
[Kamile] Guess what Kamille GIANT ENEMY CRAB. The last Gangrijo doesn't bother trying to clamp you, it just gets in your way and fires the two beam cannons inside it's claws right in your face. (React)
ericoverbringer:    #Tobia
Aero:    (APPROVED)
ericoverbringer:    *The trunk is poking outside the I-field! As fast as lightning, X1 flashes past it, slicing at the one weakpoint before it can properly crush Tobia!+
Camiu:    *Newtype Flash to the rescue! Kamille is already sliding under the Gangrijo and firing upward with one last charge of the Long Beam Rifle!+
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *With the sudden Gangrijo intercept, Blue Frame moves to meet the thing head on as it crashes the Tactical Arms against it. But it also whips out one of it's many armor knives and tries to stab it in one of its mega particle cannons+
Aero:    [Kincaid] It's not going to give up here, with it's remaining bits it's still going to try to take you out here. It sends the bit on a suicide course with you! (React)
hyprknux1:    # Kincaid?
Aero:    (Denied)
ericoverbringer:    *Kincaid lands on Elefante itself, putting the bulk of the mobile armor between him and its own bits. Then just to do a thorough about it, he breaks out both Brand Markers and fucking stabs Elefante through the upper section that contains all the bit docks.+
Aero:    (Roux) As fast as you are this is a Large Mega Particle Cannon. The right leg of your machine is taken off cleanly and they decide to just rush you claws out. (React more)
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Ah! Crap!" There goes one beam cannon. She has more, though! "Don't think you can win just because I'm a girl!" Instead of trying to dodge, the shoulder shields pivot 90 degrees forward as she raises her Hyper Beam Cannon, all three firing at the same time, intending on taking them out+
((Whoops, missed a * before the "Instead"))
Aero:    [Gai] The claw blows off half of the head of the Blue Frame, however you are able to easily drive the Tactical Arms into it. Before it can react with it's particle cannon there is already a knife in it disabling that weapon. It's still going to try to wrap it's claw around you though. (react)
[Kincaid] The bit wraps around as you move to drive your Brand Marker through the Elefante. It makes a beeline for you AND...a mere inch away from crashing into you it stops in midair and then just drops. Your Brand Marker found the pilot...
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Whew... Let's get off before it blows up!"
Aero:    HOWEVER, it seems like the Elefante is now giving off a very large heat signature. Tobia, Kincaid you might want to get away from there. (React)
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: Kincaid!
ericoverbringer:    X1 grabs the Pez Batara and hops off before it explodes or crashes into something important.
"We're fine!"
tengusaur:    Tobia can't do much but help with his own engine a bit here.
Aero:    [Kamille] Fun fact the Gangrijo actually has a ton of Anti-aircraft guns lining it's entire body. Including it's underside the shot pierces through the machine however the Mk.II is left with several large holes in it after it's slide. Oh by the way you hit the reactor as well. [React]
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *Planting a foot on the Gangrijo's body Blue Frame kicks off in an attempt to escape its claw, taking a swing with the Tactical Arms to try batting it away as well+
Camiu:    *Kamille practically flies out from under the Gangrijo before it explodes!+ D-Damnit...!
Aero:    [Roux] The combination of all three Hyper Beam Cannons rip through the two Gangrijo's both machines disintegrating in the face of the overwhelming beam fire.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Whew..."
Aero:    [Gai] That seems to have done the trick, in fact the Gangrijo ends up hitting itself in the face with it's claw. The machine just stops moving after that.
(Enemy Count: 14x Erebado )
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: That's another one down...
Aero:    Before you can relax however another large group of enemies appear
(Enemy Count: 40x Erebado, 40x Batara, 20x Thostede)
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...oh, you've gotta be kidding me..."
Camiu:    Kamille: Enemy Reinforcements... From where?
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Damn! We're getting bogged down!"
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: We have to break through!
Aero:    [They still have 7 warships Kamille]
ericoverbringer:    "This is their main base, they'll have a lot more where those came from!"
Aero:    However....
tengusaur:    Tobia: "They're throwing everything at us! What can we do?"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Captain Berah...? I guess that answers my question...!"
Camiu:    Kamille: Oh boy.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid gets out of the way
hyprknux1:    And Roux's gonna promptly move out of the way.
tengusaur:    Tobia knows better than ask questions in such a situation! So he does the same thing.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    As shall Gai.
Camiu:    Kamille does the same as the others
Lake of Archers:    Zabine listens to his leader; X2 moves
Aero:    And you get your solution, the Mother Vanguard comes crashing in with the Minovsky Drive at full power. The entire warship was covered in a large blue beam barrier. It just blows through the entire enemy army. Not stopping until it crashes into the enemy base firing all of it's broadside cannons as well.
Berah is breathing heavily.
Berah: "There's...an opening."
Camiu:    Kamille: Captain Berah!!
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: *not transmitting* "That's my girl."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Alright! Quick, to the breach!"
ericoverbringer:    *transmitting normally: "Quick! Before they get their bearings! Into their base!"
"We're almost to Dogatie!"
Camiu:    Kamille: Understood!
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Lake of Archers:    Zabine smiles, or rather..smirks.
Aero:    As you all enter the base a few Bataras fire at you, they look very undermanned. It seems all of the enemy forces were stationed outside.
tengusaur:    Tobia wastes no time and dashes into the hole, and deeper into the base!
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid's right behind him, tearing up any defenses before they have time to recover from the Mother Vanguard's assault
hyprknux1:    Roux's keeping pace, using the FA MK-III's shoulder cannons to help in the clean up.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Following at the rear Gai is firing the gatling gun at any stragglers as they move in.
tengusaur:    Tobia charges forward with the Pez Batara's beam axehead active. Everyone who has any sense will try to get out of the way of something like that instead of trying to block it.
Camiu:    Kamille's snatched up some gear for the MK-II  from the crashed Mother Vanguard before heading in, armed with Hyper Bazooka's and a beam rifle
Lake of Archers:    "looks like they spent most of their man power outside of the base." X2 flies in
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "According to the info we got"
"Dogatie's throne room should be..."
X1 explodes through a nearby wall, Kool-Aid man style
(like this)
Aero:    Very very very shocked grunts try to fire at the X-1 with a bazooka. (React)
ericoverbringer:    Damn, not enough room to maneuver in here, Kincaid opens the cockpit to shoot down the rocket launcher guy with a human sized rifle
Aero:    Yeah he wasn't expecting that, the guard just drops the rocket launcher after the bullet went through him.
tengusaur:    Tobia reaches the hole and opens Pez Batara's cockpit, jumping out into the room with a rifle! "Everyone come!"
ericoverbringer:    (He wasn't aiming for a leathal shot)
Aero:    (Yup he's fine he just can't really lift it right now.)
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godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: "Haven't done this in awhile..." Gai drops down from Blue Frame's cockpit with a rifle in hand.
Aero:    The guards seem to be backing towards...a tank?
There's a man inside the tank
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "It's over, Dogatie"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...that's him?!"
Camiu:    Kamille: A fucking tank?
ericoverbringer:    "Call off your troops. Abandon your plan to attack Earth."
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: This is him?
ericoverbringer:    "Surrender now, or we'll kill you. Either way, your invasion's at an end."
"The curtain's falllen on your show"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "He's in an even worse state than I thought..."
Aero:    There's no response Kincaid, he just sits there with his cheek on his palm.
ericoverbringer:    "Well? Decide, Dogaite!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "Hahahahahahahahaha."
No answer
He is just laughing at you
ericoverbringer:    Fine
Aero:    Even at gunpoint he is just laughing at you
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...I think we needed a bigger gun."
ericoverbringer:    "You're the only one I have no qualms about killing, Dogatie!"
Kincaid just empties the entire clip into Dogatie's tank
Camiu:    Kamille: ...
Aero:    The guards go silent...they look shocked.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Is that it...?"
Aero:    They fall to their knees
They look broken
With their leader dead
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...wow..."
Camiu:    Kamille: ...
tengusaur:    Tobia takes a step closer towards the tank, unsurely.
Aero:    Mission Accomplished
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid looks down, then turns to the soldier with the fanciest uniform, probably the general of the defense force
"It's over"
Aero:    "IS IT"
Camiu:    Kamille: !!!
ericoverbringer:    "Wha-?!"
Aero:    Tobia with that step you see a shadow suddenly pounce out. Kincaid you're getting tackled from behind and pinned down.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Okay, knew it was too easy!"
Aero:    What you see is...what you see is...
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Kincaid, watch out!!"
Aero:    http://c.mfcdn.net/store/manga/226/03-001.0/compressed/upage024.jpg
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: What the hell?!
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: ...Dogatie?!
Aero:    Dogatie?: HAHAHHAHAHAHHA
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid did NOT see that one coming, and is tackled
Camiu:    Kamille: A Cyborg!?
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...he's a robot?!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Nghh!"
Aero:    Dogatie?: What's wrong Pirate...I thought you were going to kill me.
He's wrapping his hand around your neck right now Kincaid.
Camiu:    #Kincaid
Lake of Archers:    Zabine aims at the....thing, but doesn't fire, "Why you!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid's trying to kick him off, but he can't get good force from his position
tengusaur:    Also #
Aero:    You can feel his grip tightening around your neck Kincaid.
Lake of Archers:    He couldn't fire; instead, Zabine charges in...and swings his rifle, "Owaa!"
Aero:    And off goes Dogatie's? head it rolls along the ground still laughing at all of you. It seems without it's head the body can't function, freeing Kincaid from nearly having his own head torn off.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid gasps for breath
tengusaur:    Tobia: "What the hell is this?!"
ericoverbringer:    He's looking over at the thing he just almost got killed by. It has tupes trailing from behind it back to the tank
"It's like...some kind of marionette, almost..."
Aero:    There's more manic laughter...it's even echoing around the room now.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: This is bad....
tengusaur:    Tobia: "But it has flesh and skin, not just metal... I don't like this! And this laugh is even worse!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...real bad!"
Aero:    The area behind the Throne lights up...revealing 9 large tubes with what look to be...brains inside of them.
Camiu:    Kamille: N-No way-!
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid is familiar with these.
Aero:    The laughter seems to be coming from it.
ericoverbringer:    "Biocomputers!?"
Aero:    Kamille Roux Tobia Kincaid
Lake of Archers:    Zabine turns and looks behind the throne, "?!"
Aero:    There's overwhelming
Coming from them
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Wh, what? Ungh...!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Ahhh!" Roux can't help but tremble. All of this pressure...!
Camiu:    Kamille: Gck-! *is struggling to stand up now. The hell was this?*
tengusaur:    Tobia: "How does it even speak...?!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid staggers, though more from losing his breath than from the pressure. He's not much of a newtype, after all
Aero:    Dogatie finally stops laughing.
tengusaur:    Tobia manages to aim his gun at the brains, but he can't force himself to pull the trigger.
Aero:    Dogatie: "I've already finished transferring my personality into nine separate biocomputers. In a manner of speaking I guess you could say that there are...9 of me now."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "N...Nine?!"
Camiu:    Kamille: M-Monster-! How many people have you killed just to get those nine brains-!?
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "I-impossible!"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Nine evil dictators?! One was bad enough...!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "While you might all be a bit disappointed you can at least find solace in the fact that you did kill the me that was issuing orders to our forces."
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: ...Rgh.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "We can still stop you if we destroy the brains here and now!"
Tobia pulls the trigger, sending a burst of rifle fire towards the biocomputer!
Aero:    Tobia you just see the bullets ping off the glass.
Dogatie: "Now you might be thinking that you can destroy these brains here, but I've already made copies of myself...several more dormant Dogaties that will now awaken and move out."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Crap..."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Argh!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "In fact Jupiter's main force has just disembarked on its mission to Earth...while you were all down here."
Camiu:    Kamille: We've been had!
hyprknux1:    Roux: "A wild goose chase..."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "What?! We need to warn everyone!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "You were able to defeat one of the Dogaties though."
Dogatie: "I shall honor you all by having you share a grave with him."
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "What!?"
Aero:    Then beeping.
You hear a clock begin to countdown.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "It's a bomb, Kincaid!"
Camiu:    Kamille: WE NEED TO BAIL!
Aero:    Dogatie: "I've ordered this base to self destruct and take all of you with it."
ericoverbringer:    "There's thousands of people in this base!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "They will gladly die for their leader."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "You're crazy!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "I also believe that the ship you took here is in quite a bad situation."
Dogatie: "Whatever will you all do."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...we've gotten out of worse situations, ugly!"
Aero:    Dogatie: "By all means...get out of this one then."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Oh shit! Bernadette, Captain Berah, everyone is in danger!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid grabs the general he was going to talk to a minute ago, "Hey! You! You're an admiral or general or something, right!? There's gotta be abort codes!"
tengusaur:    Tobia looks around for a console or wherever the beeping is coming from!
Aero:    "I-I don't know, he never gave us his own personal codes."
Camiu:    Kamille: Gai, Roux, if these guys are as fanatical as Dogatie claimed, their gonna be on our asses soon, so let's clear a path out!
Aero:    "Only people closest to President Dogatie would know it and...."
Continued laughter
Dogatie (One of them at least) seems to be enjoying your scramble
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Dammit, I'll stop the reactor core myself!"
Aero:    Tobia the console is found next to one of the biocomputers. However all you can see is the timer counting down. You're all at 4 minutes now.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Woah, wait...!"
ericoverbringer:    He runs back to X-1 "There's not many ways to destroy a base this size in one shot. They're probably going to let the fusion core go critical!"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "4 minutes? That's not long enough to get the Mother Vanguard out of here!"
Aero:    Dogate: "It's useless boy, utterly useless."
tengusaur:    Tobia jumps to the console and tries to use his mad technical skills to stop the timer! Only they're not so mad...
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "Tobia, see if you can shut down the reactor from here!"
X1 is leaving, decide if you want to help Kincaid or Tobia
tengusaur:    Tobia: "I will try!"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Argh! Shut up!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "SHUT UP!"
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: Can you do it, Tobia?
tengusaur:    Tobia: "I, I'm trying!"
More mad typing from Tobia. Sweat is starting to show on his visor.
Camiu:    *Kamille curses as he rushes to help Tobia with his own (somewhat) mad technical abilities!+
Aero:    No progress Tobia, no matter what you try you keep being locked out.
ericoverbringer:    X1 drops down the elevator shaft towards the reactor!
"2000 meters! Can I make it!?"
tengusaur:    Tobia hits the box. "Damnit! Let's try an alternate approach..."
Camiu:    Kamille: What do you need?
Aero:    Kincaid in front of your way are 5 Vagons.
tengusaur:    Tobia keeps on trying various codes and solutions. "Try to open the fuse box!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "OUT OF MY WAY!"
Aero:    (So is only Gai going with Kincaid?)
Camiu:    Kamille: Got it! *And tries he does.* Roux, give me a hand here!
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid doesn't even try to fight them, he just pushes them out of the way to get past
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Right...!" And Roux goes to help Kamille. "...now what?"
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    (looks like it)
Aero:    No luck Kincaid, they grab onto the X-1 trying to prevent you from reaching the core.
Camiu:    Kamille: Help me pry this open! (Isn't getting very far on his own)
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    #Kincaid
Aero:    (Approved)
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "You bastards! This base is going to self destruct! Your leader has betrayed you!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...duh." And Roux's goes and does that. "Put some muscle into it!"
Aero:    Vagon pilot: "Sieg Dogatie, Sieg Dogatie, death to all those who defy Jupiter!"
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Argh, nothing is working! What kind of wizard programmed this thing?!"
ericoverbringer:    "It's going to KILL YOU WALL! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT!?"
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: Hurry up Kincaid! *Right as the Vagons head for the X-1, Blue Frame jumps into the fray with a mighty swing to cut them away from Kincaid+
Aero:    Dogatie: "Why me of course."
ericoverbringer:    *ALL
Camiu:    Kamille: The hell do you think I'm doing, woman!? *Channel some of that there Newtype Rage into the process. Maybe he can just WILL the damn thing to open like a Jedi?+
Aero:    Vagon pilot: "We're prepared to sacrifice our lives for the Empire!"
Vagon pilot: "A pirate like you would know nothing of that!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "I got a name, Kamille! Don't TEMPT me right now!" Yeah, she's gonna keep trying to yank it open, using her own frustration to get it open.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Damn, time is running out!"
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "You IDIOTS!"
Aero:    [Gai] The tactical arm slams into the Vagons. Pinning them against the walls of the tunnel. They transform back into wheel form however and roll towards you. (react)
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Don't give up! Not now, Tobia!"
Aero:    [Team Fusebox] Somehow you're able to get the fusebox open...however inside you just see machinery that does not look familiar.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...what the...? That doesn't look like a normal fusebox..."
Aero:    The timer is down to 2 minutes now.
Camiu:    Kamille: Son of-what kind of machine works like this!?
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Do you see any cables that connect to the timer?!"
Aero:    Kamille
You sense something wrong.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    *Pushing against them, Blue Frame steps to the side and tries jamming a knife into its frame, hopefully striking something important+
Camiu:    Kamille: ...! Something's up-!
ericoverbringer:    X1 busts out its daggers and starts chopping up a storm, "You take others lives since you don't balue your own! How could you believe a man who easily throws away the lives of his own men! That can't be what it takes to rule humanity!"
Aero:    A hidden wall opens
hyprknux1:    Roux: "I think it looks like it would only work with the bath-- huh? What's wrong?"
Aero:    and out pours at least 15 guards
tengusaur:    Tobia: "More trouble? This is a bad situation!!"
ericoverbringer:    This is no good, in these tight quarters, X1 can't fight properly
Aero:    They don't hesitate to take aim at begin firing at all of you.
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...crap!"
Camiu:    Kamille: FUCKER! *and Grenade out as he dives behind the machinery+
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid cuts free of the last of the Vagons and practically hurls the X1 down the tunnel towards the reactor
Aero:    30 seconds left
tengusaur:    "Don't shoot! This place is gonna blow up!" Tobia jumps over the console to the other side and crouches, but still tries to hack it.
Lake of Archers:    Zabine takes cover behind the bio-computers, "Damn!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Tobia, hurry! We'll cover you!" *And Roux brings up her pistol and fires back, trying to get to cover+
Aero:    Kincaid another Vagon suddenly appears in your path however.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Chopping down the last of his own Vagon, he takes off after Kincaid. They were cutting it pretty close...
Aero:    Fusebox Crew.
tengusaur:    Tobia: "No, no, no! Shit, I can't do it! Nothing works!"
Aero:    The guards stop shooting
as the timer hits 15
ericoverbringer:    X1 tackles the Vagon "I'm not going to make it! Just one more minute, even thirty seconds would do it!"
Aero:    14
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Ahhh!!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Wha...? No, no... hurry!"
Camiu:    Kamille: Damnit, It can't end like this!
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: Come on....!
Aero:    (Kincaid, Gai)
They seemed to have gone quiet
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid bursts out of the end of the tunnel, "I GOTTA MAKE IT!"
Aero:    Is walking up to the console
Kincaid the timer has hit zero.
Both you and Gai are still alive.
ericoverbringer:    Kincaid: "It...stopped?"
Aero:    Fusebox Crew
That guard just entered the password.
godannar1138@yahoo.com:    Gai: Did they do it?
tengusaur:    Tobia stares at the new person in disbelief.
Camiu:    Kamille: ... Who?
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...we're... not dead? What's going on?"
Aero:    Console: "Passcode Accepted, aborted self-destruct command."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "You... You are..."
Aero:    Dogatie has gone quiet as well
Dogatie: "Te-te-te-tetenith?"
Guard?: Father...
Camiu:    Kamille: What?
tengusaur:    Tobia: "Bernadette?!"
hyprknux1:    Roux: "...wha...?"
Lake of Archers:    Zabine: The girl?!
Aero:    The young blonde stands in front of the console. Staying quiet.
Bernadette: "Tobia..."
Bernadette: "I'm...I'm the daughter of the man you were trying to kill."
hyprknux1:    Roux: "Oh, well... THIS is awkward..."
Aero:    Tetenith: "I'm Tetenith Dogatie."
tengusaur:    Tobia: "How can that be...? I, I didn't know!"
Aero:    Tetenith: "I've ordered everyone here to stand down...the battle is over."
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Camiu:    Kamille: ... I'm going to go find that fop from the AEUG then...
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Event 1 The Boys Guided by Iron: The Graife home is attacked by unknown forces who are intent on taking the Professor. Professor Graife is kidnapped and the Straybird chases after him. At the exact same moment another group begins to attack the city giving the kidnappers a easy escape. Ichitaka is left alone in the Rushbird against the advancing forces. (Yeah really this is easily combined with anyone's mission)

Event 2 Why Do We Fight: Yunagi and the Straybird finally appears to Ichitaka during a battle with the 5th Angel. Trying to talk with his older brother he is caught by surprise when Yunagi attacks him challenging him to a fight. Ichitaka hesitates to fight against his older brother before finally deciding to knock some sense into him. After a short battle Ichitaka begins to lose, unable to keep up with Straybird's speed, stealth, and ability to teleport. Moments before being shot down Ichitaka asks an ally to fire a energy weapon at the Rushbird to charge it up. This gives the Super Robot the power and speed it needs to defeat it's brother. Yunagi retreats but not before telling Ichitaka he only won because he had someone supporting him. (Again anyone could fill in for this)

Event 3 To Recapture Feelings: On his way to reinforce his allies Ichitaka is intercepted by Yunagi. Once again getting into another fight with his older brother Ichitaka is once again unable to keep up with the Straybird. In a moment of desperation the Rushbird unleashes it's strongest power and shatters dimensional walls to power the Dimension Storm. Yunagi retreats in defeat while the Rushbird is left fried and out of power, Ichitaka unable to control the storm. (Very stand alone)

Event 4 A Great Force Cut's Through the Sky: In a hard battle Ichitaka throws away his fears to help his friends and once again calls upon the Dimension Storm. This time he is able to properly control the energy needed to use the attack without any problems. Yunagi watches from the background. (In the middle of any battle if it's a tough situation, don't really have a Proist to blow up)

Event 5 Fight the Enemy: As a battle reaches it's climax greaT finally makes their appearance with their new machines made using knowledge taken from Professor Graife. Yunagi makes his appearance once again however this time he temporarily works with White Chalice to fend off the new attackers. In the end however he leaves once despite Ichitaka's pleas.

Event 6 The Song is Played: Once again greaT tries to ambush White Chalice Ichitaka going out to fight them. Again Yunagi shows up to help Ichitaka. However they are ambushed by HL-1 and her Imperial Valley. Yunagi finally coming to terms with his brother and the two easily defeat HL-1. Yu joins White Chalice after. (This can be combined with Mission 7 with Straybird being horribly damaged after support defending Ichitaka leaving only the wings. In case we don't get Yu which I suspect we won't Yu will be injured and hospitalized for a bit leaving Ichitaka with the Straybird's wings permanently.)

Event 6 The Four Wings: The White Chalice receive reports of a large white energy absorbing Super Robot wrecking havoc within several cities. When members of the Chalice go to investigate they find themselves quickly surrounded, GreAT finally making their full presence known. The newest addition to their growing army being the Rush and Stray Valleys. Super Robots based off of the Rushbird and Straybird. HL-1 reappears as well introducing herself to the Chalice. Ichitaka and Yuunagi are forced to show off yet another feature of the Dimension Converters to fend them off.

Event 7 The Wings of Time: Against HL-1 White Chalice find themselves unable to land a single hit against the speedy machine. The Straybird lends Rushbird it's wings, Mode Archeonis The Wings of Time are born. Using his new found powers Ichitaka easily destroys the Imperial Valley only to be met with mass produced HL-1's and Imperial Valley's.

Event 8 Beacon of Hope: After the battle with HL-1 President Gloria fires the Revolution Cannon from the moon seemingly wiping out White Chalice. This is only a ruse as Ichitaka utilizing the teleporting abilities of the Straybird's Wings and the Rushbird's Laplace Wall using the energy drained from the Revolution Cannon to warp everyone to the moon for the final battle against the President.

Extra Canon Stuff:
Robot Name: Rush Valley
Robot Description:

A mass produced Super Robot created as a grunt for the GreAT organization based off of the Rushbird. Using information based off seeing the Rushbird in combat the design was improved by equipping each Rush Valley with a flight pack to enable it to be much faster than it's 'Prototype'. Another enhancement is the ability to use the Laplace Wall from both arms and expend the energy as a basic beam shield. For it's weaponry it is equipped with the Maser Eye, Lightning Fist, and Light Blazer. It also is able to extend the energy of the Lightning Fist to form long beam sabers. Unfortunately due to the lack of the Dimension Converter it is unable to manipulate Dimensional Energy like Rushbird leaving it as the one thing missing from the Rush Valley.
Terrain Stats:

Robot Name: Stray Valley
Robot Description:

A mass produced Super Robot created as a grunt for the GreAT organization based off of the Straybird. Unlike the Rush Valley the Stray Valley required very little improvements from it's original design, in fact the machine struggles to emulate the abilities of the Straybird due to being unable to emulate the Imaginary Road. While it is able to teleport it lacks the ability to create copies of itself and spawn it's weapons from subspace. As such the only weapons it is equipped with are a pair of Pheasant Cutters, two Sparrow Guns, and two Prava Grenade Launchers.
Terrain Stats:
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Player Name: Aero
Personal LJ: [info]thestrayhawk 
AIM Contact: daviddarsh
Character Name: Ichitaka Nagumo
Source Canon: Banpresto Original: Super Robot Wars L
Community Tag: Ichitaka Nagumo

Notes: Can easily be placed anywhere due to having a very standard Super Robot opening, He won't actually show up until his opening mission. The force that attacks the Graife home/kidnaps the Professor can be easily changed to anyone, plot doesn't require much and can also be incorporated into other missions. Most likely won't include Alice.

Background: At a young age Ichitaka lost both his mother and father to the previous war. In what came just as unexpectedly as his parent's death, he was adopted by Kral Graife. A relatively unknown inventor who lived in a small town that remained unaffected by the Second Impact.

When he arrived at his new home, Ichitaka was introduced to Kral's grandson Yunagi Graife who also was living with them. Ichitaka took a liking to Yunagi, going as far as to consider him a older brother. Yunagi on the other hand found it hard to deal with the younger boy brushing him off most of the time. Yunagi left to study abroad several years later, Ichitaka almost anxiously awaiting his return.

Growing up in a world full of mechs he gained a large appreciation for them. Ichitaka was overjoyed when the Professor set up a mecha simulator video game in their home that was equipped with a full working cockpit. Spending quite a lot of time messing around with the simulator, he had no idea that this bit of experience would come back later to save his life. His interest continued to grow as he watched the footage of many heroes fighting as allies of justice with their mechs, quickly becoming a fan of many of them.

Several years later, on what seemed like an ordinary day, Professor Graife made him promise that he would come home during a very certain time during the day. While he had no idea what the Professor wanted he deciding to prioritizing his promise to the Professor over class that day. Leaving school that day he was completely unaware of the chain of events that awaited him. Upon his arrival home he was reunited with Yunagi, learning that his 'older brother' had been home for over a week.. Both Yunagi and the Professor had been working in the 'underground' a very large basement that contained his failed inventions.

Professor Graife revealed the secret project he had been working on for years. With Yunagi's assistance the two Super Robots that he had secretly been building known as Rushbird and Straybird were completed. Before the Professor could tell them who the machines would be given to, the Graife home was bombed. Their home was destroyed and the Professor was kidnapped. Yunagi immediately climbed into the Straybird to chase after the kidnapper. Begging to come along with Yunagi his help was spurned by the older boy as he zoomed off to follow the kidnappers leaving Ichitaka behind. Mere moments later the town was also invaded by the Katou Organization who also happened to be searching for something. Standing in the destroyed lab depressed at what at happened. Not one to dwell on the past for long he made up his mind to also find the Professor.  Ichitaka soon followed suit and got into the cockpit of the Rushbird surprised to find that the controls were near identical to the simulator that he used before in the simulation video game. Bursting out of the lab he found himself completely surrounded and alone with the Rushbird to fight the horde of enemies.

Personality: Compared to most Banpresto Original's Ichitaka has one of the most optimistic and forgiving albeit naive personalities. He rarely ever loses his temper and tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. In his backstory he has lost both his parents to the war yet when we first see him he's a bright energetic boy cheering on his favourite robots and heroes. This motivated his own sense of Justice, alongside his determination to help people, even if it means throwing himself into the path of danger to do so. During the drop of Junius Seven he disobeys orders to go help Athrun and Shinn reactivate the meteor breaker, then uses the Laplace Wall to surround all 3 of them when they had to make a descent into the atmosphere.

His ability to forgive people has to be one of his strongest traits this comes up several times in the game. The first being his encounters with Kouichi after he obtained Linebarrel. Even after Kouichi runs around being a complete jerk Ichitaka doesn't hold anything against him and helps him to redeem himself. The two later teaming up to defeat Straybird then helping Shinji against the Angels. He holds nothing against Yunagi either, throughout their fights Ichitaka continuously tries to convince Yunagi to join them not holding any grudges against his older brother.

Although rarely seen Ichitaka does have a snapping point, when it is reached he stops holding back getting very angry and saying exactly what he finds wrong with the source of his anger. In the game the most obvious moment of this was with Yunagi and the President. Yunagi after getting himself nearly shot down by HL-1 still refused to reconcile with Ichitaka finally causing the young boy to lash out at Yunagi. The President represents everything he despises, a completely selfish cruel evil man who betrayed everyone around him using them to his own needs to gain power. Safe to say he didn't hold anything back against the man.

Unfortunately due to his slight immaturity and own good nature he feels that he has to save everyone he can despite how hard it might be. This plays a bit into his own recklessness and his own belief that people with power should save whoever they can. Despite this he doesn't seem to have any problems with killing people that he sees as enemies.

A very big fanboy of several pilots, he freezes up in nervousness finding it hard to speak to legendary pilots that he meets. Early on in the game he's watching the Top 10 Mecha Moments of the week and getting excited at footage of Dancouga Nova fighting. His naivety shows here when he casually dismisses the idea that Dancouga could just be trying to extend the wars. Ichitaka actually displays some rare maturity for his age knowing that if he were to wander around aimlessly with a giant mech he would get arrested very quickly. He also understands that his skills as a pilot were extremely lacking causing him to train nearly to death so that he wouldn't hold back his teammates.

In battle to put it simply he is hot blooded but very inexperienced. His skill slowly grows with more training and as he learns of more ways to use the Rushbird. Tending to throw himself in the direct path of danger such as charging directly at Proist, using the insane plan of having Linebarrel fire a beam at him. While not the best pilot he clearly shows some semblance of skill and intelligence as the game goes on.

Capabilities and Resources: Access to random Graife files on Rushbird but that's about it

Robot Name: Rushbird
Robot Description:
Super Robot
An original creation by Professor Graife. Rushbird is a 42m 220 ton Super Robot powered by a Dimensional Converter engine having a mixed array of both ranged and melee weapons. The initial weapons are rather low powered besides the Lightning Fist which at 70% power creates a large crater the moment it touches the ground. Both Maser Eye and Light Blazer are simple beam attacks fired from the eyes and right arm respectively. The left arm of the Rushbird contains the Laplace Wall which serves as a all purpose barrier with a unique function, it is able to absorb energy and use it to power itself up. Professor Graife once said that it'd be able to absorb the explosion of a nuke, or the shot of a positron cannon, even the black flames of Darius. It's final weapon is the Dimension Storm which it powers up by cracking a dimensional wall, absorbing the energy that comes out of it, then firing it out. It can been seen extending out in a huge pillar from space, which leaves the Rushbird fried afterwards unless the output and input is carefully controlled, none the less it is quite impressive.

After getting access to Mode Archeonis Rushbird becomes a quite impressive Super Robot. Not needing to open a dimensional crack due to the Imaginary Road, Rushbird in Mode Archionis theoretically has infinite energy feeding into it due to not needing to conduct any of the energy to it gaining direct access the the other dimensions energy. It also gains the Straybirds stealth and warp capability able to make a jump from the Earth to the Moon bringing anything it wants with it.
Maser Eye
Lightning Fist
Light Blazer
Terrain Stats:
Land:A (S after mastering Dimension Storm)
Air:-- (S in Mode Archeonis)
Space:A (S in Mode Archeonis)

Dimension Storm
Mode Archeonis

Custom Upgrade Ideas:
Lion Railgun:A railgun scavenged from a defeated Lion used by the Rushbird.
Shining Blazer:The first step in the development of the Dimension Storm. Ichitaka learns that he is indeed able to fire out a beam from the left arm. This one being purple in color although it's power is equal to that of the Light Blazer.
Double Blazer:The second step and last before the Dimension Storm. Both Blazers are fired out but stay as seperate beams.
Laplace Barrier: Rushbird uses both arms to emit energy to form a beam shield.
Dimension Nova: Rushbird surrounds itself in a white aura after absorbing energy from a Dimensional Crack. It releases it in a huge dome shaped blast around it.

Upgrade Name: Ancient Rushbird
Robot Description:
Super Robot

Rushbird reformed after nearly being completely destroyed, fixing itself with parts from another dimension due to Ichitaka unleashing the full potential of the D-Converter. The new machine has a greatly different look from Dr.Graife's original designs. Despite this most of it's weapons remain the same keeping the same functions. Having formed a device similiar to Straybird's wings the Ancient Rushbird greatly resembles the Rushbird in Mode Archeonis in terms of abilities.

Keeping most of Rushbird's attacks and names for those attacks the key difference between the two machines is Ancient Rushbird's ability to freely manipulate the energy it outputs or absorbs and the ability to easily break dimensional walls. While the original Rushbird required a very sophisticated operation consisting of different outputs and inputs using the D-Converter on the part of the pilot the Ancient Rushbird is able to do this on it's own making the machine much more dangerous.

It's weaponry mostly remains the same as Ichitaka's fighting style is something that could not change. Despite being much more agile it's armor remains just as tough, it's pilot still preferring to fight in close quarters utilizing the destructive power his machine possesses.

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: S
Sea: A
Space: S

Job: Middle School Student

Suggested Event List:
Mods have this

Sample Post: Heavy bags could be seen under the boy's eyes, his grip on the controls of his machine was quavering. A counter on the top right read "0-165" he had lost against the simulated AI 165 times and counting. A small groan left him as the counter increased to 166 the screen flashing red as if to mock him. Lifting his quivering hands from the controls he slapped his cheeks several times to keep himself awake. There was no time for sleeping, he had to get better even if the team didn't depend on him. I don't want them to worry about me, everyone needs to be able to focus....on.......the........mission....... Mere seconds later he forced himself awake facing the blinking red screen once again. What looked like a smile formed on his face he put his hands on the controls once again a look of fierce determination now plastered on his face. Several hours later Ichitaka was now fast asleep on the simulator the screen flashing blue. The Final Score "1-290"


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